MTV It Girls is a short-form series made for broadcast and online distribution via MTV, and was the 3rd highest rating TV show on MTV among females 13 - 39. The second season was directed by Aislinn Lowe, and focusses on female influencers around the world.

Featuring Ainsley Hutchence of Sticks and Stones and the creators of IZMZ magazine, these two bespoke episodes for H&M delve into what it means to be ‘ladylike’ in the modern world.

Client: H&M | Agency: MCM | Produced at: MTV Australia | Creative Director: Vanessa Zuppicich | Director: Aislinn Lowe | Production Managers: Neil Bessant, Leah Harris | DOP: Geoff Blee | Sound recordist: Dan Clarke | Editor: Aislinn Lowe | Colourist: Miles Selwyn | Stylist: Danielle Soglimbene | HMUA: Yolanda Lukowski | Talent: Ainsley Hutchence, Olivia Suilemon, Ebony Boadu

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