Aislinn Lowe is an Austrian-Australian director and writer, currently based in Sydney, Australia .  

Equal parts sensorial and surreal, her work marries powerful performances, deft camera movement and striking art direction to create uniquely dream-like moments.

Initially picking up a super 8 camera to shoot short films and music videos with friends at the age of 16, Aislinn’s work has since been featured on MTV, Rage and The Ellen Show.  

Having studied psychology before pursuing film, Aislinn has gravitated to traditionally complex and nuanced subject matter; including gender identity, diversity, youth culture, and sex. Exploring these topics has allowed Aislinn to bring out captivating performances from actors, musicians and untrained talent alike.

Aislinn’s practise spans campaign films, documentary and music videos and she has worked her magic most recently on an Affirmative Consent campaign for NSW Gov, a brand campaign for Modibodi, and a live performance with Rita Ora for The Ellen Degeneres Show.

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