With The Aurora Collection, Logitech G empowers gamers with a new, gender-inclusive collection of gaming products. An authentic rallying cry for change in gaming, to help players feel confident in themselves, empowered by their community, and joyful in their pursuit of positive play.

Client: Logitech G | Designed & produced: FutureDeluxe | Creative Director: Adrian Lawrence | Director: Aislinn Lowe | Live Action Production: Entropico | Senior Producer: Catherine Terracini | Technical Director: Neil Van Vuuren | Art Direction: Shan Hoyne | Motion Designers: Conlan Normington, Matthew Hopkins, Omid Vojdani, Harry Warne, Yas Vincente | Entropico EPs: Simon Jackman, Erin Moy, Ainslee Littlemore | DOP: Tony Luu | Producer: Gus Kennelly

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