Bang Bang Performance - Rita Ora x The Ellen Show

When Rita Ora was asked to do her 2021 performance of Bang Bang on The Ellen Show, she had one small problem: she was on the other side of the world to film The Voice Australia, with no time to travel back to LA for Ellen.

Instead of a live performance on the set of the Ellen Show, she would need to record in Sydney, Australia.

Enlisting the help of Entropico and 24/7 Productions, Rita’s live vocals were tracked alongside a captivating performance film in the iconic State Theatre.

Directed by Aislinn Lowe and edited on-site to achieve a tight 48 hr turnaround for the on-air deadline, the performance showcases Rita’s stunning vocal stylings in a multicamera, as-live shoot environment.

Client: Rita Ora | Director: Aislinn Lowe | US Production Company: 24/7 Productions | AU Production Company: Entropico 

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